Sightseing near by

VN Nature Houses are located in a privileged position in the middle of the Schist villages territory, in Serra da Lousã, Central Portugal. Two hours distance from both major cities Porto and Lisbon and 35 minutes from Coimbra, all by highway, Ferraria de São João offers a peaceful home for those who are looking just for contact with nature or something else. Not far you have several cultural and historical sites for touring and around you have more facilities for nature sports, like the Mountain Bike Centres and Walking Loops, all way marked trails. And in the summer you also have the chance to swim either in the fluvial beaches near by or in the Atlantic Ocean beach 1 hour away.

Fluvial Beaches

- Our nearby fluvial beaches selection are:
- Fragas de São Simão (10km) (w/ bar)
- Ana de Aviz (12km) (w/ snack-bar)
- Louçainha (21km) (w/ restaurant)
- Praia das Rocas (24km) (w/ artificial waves!)
- Mosteiro (22km) (w/ restaurant)
- Senhora da Piedade (36km) (w/ restaurant)
Closest ocean beach:
- Osso da Baleia (69km)

Castles (Penela, Lousã, Montemor)

Penela village (15 km) is the capital of the municipality and has a beautiful Castle, classified monument. Its construction started in the 11th century, although what you can see of the Castle these days only goes back to the 14th and 15th centuries. Inside is the Church of St Michael, which was originally built in the 12th century. You can continue another 21 km to arrive to Lousã where another castle lies in a great spot hidden in a narrow valley (some great walking trails start here). Continuing towards the Atlantic you may visit the Montemor castle, next to the rice fields of Mondego.